Quadwheel® Testimonials

Jim Hoffman

"One job, 100% return on investment! The Quadwheel® by Green Manufacturing with the Wearsharp® Teeth is worth every penny! Since the upgrade on my Rayco 1620 I have noticed the fuel consumption drop dramatically, faster, cleaner cutting speed, and nice big ribbons of chips flying off the cutter wheel, reducing my clean up time. Don't get me wrong the regular Greenteeth® made a difference, but the new system I'm running now makes a BIG difference. Let me rephrase that if I was running standard equipment it would have for sure taken double the time. I'm very pleased with the result, that’s without question! The increase in production is so great I was able to get a full return on investment from one job. I highly recommend the Quadwheel® by Green Manufacturing!"

Jim Hoffman, Hoffman Stump Grinding
Woodstock, IL

Cameron Smith

“The Quadwheel® works amazing! Chip containment is very good and tooth life has increased 3 times over the stock set up. Greenteeth® has always impressed me with innovation and this wheel is continued proof of that.”

Cameron Smith, Johnny's Tree Service
Jackson, MI