Greenwheel® Testimonials

Dennis Clements

“We installed the Greenwheel® to our Vermeer 352 stump grinder. The difference was noticeable from the first stump. We now grind most stumps in high range and that was not possible with the old wheel. The design of the wheel ensures the mulch is thrown out from under the machine so the engine runs cooler, and is not bogging down in the hole. Diesel consumption has also dropped dramatically. Another finding we are pleased with is we don’t generate as much wood dust because of the cutting action of the wheel. We estimate that we are taking about 40 percent less time to grind out each stump. Recommended highly. We will not be changing back. Old wheel is for sale.”

Dennis Clements, Total Tree Care
New Zealand

Matt Fleck

“We were already using Greenteeth® on our stock cutter wheel. We purchased the Greenwheel® for our Rayco 1625 Super Jr. stump grinder, and cut our grinding time down by AT LEAST 50% of what it was before! It cuts so well! I can take a much bigger bite each swipe and our 25 HP engine runs smoother and bogs down much less than before. THE BEST investment we've made for the grinder. The Greenwheel® is worth every penny! I highly recommend for anyone using a stump grinder. Thank you Green Manufacturing for providing a quality product!”

Matt Fleck, Tree Man Tree Care Co.
French Lick, IN

Keith Snyder

“I’m Keith Snyder, owner of KJS Tree Services in Otisville N.Y. As part of our services we’ve been grinding stumps for over 20 years. Recently we updated our Vermeer 252 to the new Greenwheel®. The results are amazing. The smooth cutting action gets the job done about 1/3 faster than the standard cutting head. Though the upgrade wasn’t cheap I was able to recover the investment within the first 5 jobs. Prior to deciding on the Greenwheel® upgrade, I had considered a larger grinder, that cost would have been 30K. This was by far the better choice!”

Keith Snyder, KJS Tree Services
Otisville, NY

A Guy And His Princess Testimonial Picture

“I sub out to tree men in the area. I resisted changing teeth for many years because I had so much invested in the other brands. I am so happy I finally took the plunge with this new Greenwheel®. I have sharp teeth for every job now because it's so quick and easy to not only change on the job site but to sharpen at home as well. I highly recommend this new technology.”

Doug Warren, A Guy And His Princess
Greensboro, NC

Beaver Stump Grinding Testimonial Picture

“With no experience in stump grinding, and having only seen a stump grinder in action once (but thankfully one that was running Greenteeth®), I purchased a used 4-wheeled Rayco 1625 Super Jr., with the factory cutting teeth/wheel, to start my stump grinding business. After 2 jobs and 7 stumps, and taking into account the Denver altitude sapping some of my 27 HP, I found bidding jobs to be the most daunting part. My Greenwheel® has taken away that pressure. Now if I bid a job too low, the Rayco runs for an extra 5 or 10 minutes (maybe) instead of an extra 30 or 60 minutes. It is amazing and fun to watch the perfectly balanced Greenwheel® cut stumps apart. Twenty-one stumps later my Greenwheel® is paid off, my operating expenses are covered, my business loan payments are made, and there is a little money left. I am all smiles instead of frustration.”

Jerry Burr, Flatirons stump Removal
Denver, CO

Bob Fladung Testimonial Picture

“I have a Rayco Super Jr. with an upgraded 31 horsepower Vanguard engine which is also converted over to #80 roller chain instead of the expensive poly chain. I purchased my Greenwheel® in May 2013 and the first time I used it I was impressed. As the description says you're cutting & not grinding. The wood peels off in strips. The chain case used to get so hot with the original wheel & teeth because I had to spend much more time grinding so the engine would labor far more. Now the chain case is considerably cooler & the engine does not have to work as hard. With this new wheel I save on gas & time!"

Bob Fladung, BSGS
Saint Michael, MN

Dr. Stump Testimonial Picture

“Normally when I need all new teeth I used to spend over $300. Now with the new Greenwheel®, it’s less than $70. This Greenwheel® has a very smooth and consistent cut that is much faster than my old wheel. I have noticed at least a 25% reduction in time, giving me more profit. I love my Greenwheel® !”

Andy Claiborne, Dr. Stump
Adrian, MI

Beaver Stump Grinding Testimonial Picture

“I have been grinding stumps for 6 years, starting with a Vermeer 352 with a 34 horsepower diesel. I switched to Greenteeth® three years ago and had a definite increase in production in grinding. I like the way they cut and the ease of turning and replacing them. In May of 2011 I upgraded to a Vermeer 372 with 37.8 horsepower installing Greenteeth® on them after the first week. In June of 2013 I Installed the new Greenwheel® and in just one month I see upwards 25-30% increase grinding speed using only six teeth. Three days ago I took a 64” stump down 10-12” in 45 minutes. I have also noticed that this new Greenwheel® has less strain on the electric clutch, extending its life. I am very pleased that I upgraded to the Greenwheel® !”

Bob the Beaver, Beaver Stump Grinding
Red Hook, NY

Simonton Testimonial Picture

“I have been in the stump cutting business for 20 years. It would have taken me hours to cut a 60” stump 4” high hard maple. When I purchased the Greenwheel® for my stump cutter just a few months ago, that same stump now takes me 25 minutes. This wheel is cutting my time in half and making me more money. When it cuts, it does not throw the chips over the top of the stump and I can see the stump at all times to see where I am cutting. It cuts like a spoon cutting a melon. It takes less horsepower to turn the Greenwheel®. I was running a 25 horse engine and I switched it out for a 20 horse engine and cannot tell the difference in the horsepower and it’s taking less time to cut stumps.”

William Simonton, Simonton Stump Cutting
Malcolm Iowa