Greenteeth® Testimonials

Tom Heller

“I have been trying out 6 of the Wearsharp® teeth installed in the leading edge position of my grinder for the last 2 months. These things are amazing. I have ground well over 800 stumps with these same 6 teeth. I will be placing an order to equip my entire wheel & have some spares.”

Tom Heller, Affordable Stump Services, Inc.
Canton, GA

Daniel Murphy

“I have been using Greenteeth® for 10 years now, and continue to appreciate their durability and the ease with which they are changed. When grinding big stumps, you need both high horsepower and sharp teeth. With three sides to a tooth and it only taking a few minutes to flip the outer two sets, Greenteeth® are a crucial part of our system. Maximum productivity means high profit while still providing excellent value to our clients.”

Daniel Murphy, Murphy’s Tree Service
Wayne, PA

Terry Brunty

“I have been using Greenteeth® for about 8 years now. I love how Green Manufacturing continues to improve upon their products. I ground this 12’+ oak stump last summer using Greenteeth® on my Rayco 1645 in just about 1.5 hours with no problems. I look forward to fitting up one of your wheels when it becomes available and to all the future improvements yet to come. Thanks Greenteeth® for such an awesome product!”

Terry Brunty, Brunty’s Stump Grinding
Mantua, OH

Stump Shark

“I cannot say enough great things about Greenteeth®! I put them on my Rayco 1625 at the beginning of the season and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner! When my teeth needed replaced, I used to have to get out the breaker bar, risk striping my old teeth's bolts, and spend well over a half hour removing them. Now, if I don't like the sharpness of my teeth, I just take out my wrench and, in less than 10 minutes, I have a clean sharp cutting surface. And I can still turn them 2 more times before changing out the set! For a small one-man operation like mine, Greenteeth® has been my best purchase, by far, since starting the business. Their customer service is awesome, too. If you are on the fence about purchasing Greenteeth® products, do it! You won't regret it.”

Anthony Vitale, Stump Shark

Michael Joseph Tree Service

“We have been using Greenteeth® for more than 9 years. We originally tried Greenteeth® on our 1625 super Jr. We were very happy with the durability, as well as the longevity of the system. Shortly after, we started to sharpen the teeth at our shop extending the lifespan of a set to last a good deal of time. The ability to easily rotate to a fresh cutting surface on the job is invaluable and saves me on labor. Last year we upgraded to the 1645 and the first thing we did was install Greenteeth® on our new machine.”

Michael Joseph, Michael Joseph Tree Service
Columbus, OH

Mike Spinelli Testimonial Picture

“I am the owner of Spinelli's Tree Service out of Monroeville, NJ. I have been in business for almost 20yrs now, doing approximately 400-450 jobs a year. I have been using Greenteeth® for at least the last 12yrs, through four different machines. It never ceases to amaze me of how well your Greenteeth® cut and tear through the stumps that I do, and you can turn them so fast to get a whole new cutting edge in just minutes. I am now running 1100 Series teeth and pockets on my grinder. I did this 70" Willow Oak stump cut to approximately 3" above ground and taken to about 12" below grade in under 20 minutes flat and in frozen ground to boot! Simply amazes me. You guys have a truly remarkable product!”

Mike Spinelli
Monroeville, NJ

LEs Stump Testimonial Picture

“I have a Carlton 2500-4 and I use Greenteeth®. They are the best. There are no other teeth that I would ever use. Anybody who doesn't use them is missing out on a great product. Try them and you will be sold. They save money and time.”

Lester Gutheridge, Les Stump Removal

Stump Away Testimonial Picture

“I own and operate Stump Away Stump Grinding Service. I currently have four grinders. My newest addition was my Carlton tow behind. After getting it, I decided to change over to the 900 series Greenteeth® with their LoPro® Pockets. Over the years I've used many different teeth and nothing comes close to the Greenteeth®. They have their reversible pockets and three-sided teeth that can be easily re-sharpened, easy to change and most of all they last a lot longer than any of my previous teeth. I'm now running Greenteeth® on all my grinders and I'm very pleased with them and recommend them to anyone. Thanks, Greenteeth®, for your awesome products and customer service. Keep up the good work!!!”

Kevin Yount, Stump Away
Florence, MS

Mark Swartz Testimonial Picture

“I switched to the Greenteeth® system about five years ago and a never looked back. The quick change design of teeth is so much easier in the field than any other system; it saves me time and money. I also like the new LoPro® pockets that can be used on either side of the grinding wheel. This allows me to carry fewer spare parts in the field. I later set up the sharpening system for Greenteeth® and saved even more money! I am very pleased with my Greenteeth®.”

Mark Swartz
AAA Swartz Stump Grinding

James Muckleroy

“For 25 years we have run Muckleroy's Tree Service. Yet, for only 7 years have I been grinding stumps. The original set on my 352 Vermeer was not Greenteeth®. I replaced them with Greenteeth® after talking with various people in tree services about the teeth they used. We've not turned back since. Greenteeth® are easy to change with no special tools. They make large shavings and are very efficient. The teeth have 3 sides to be turned for renewal life. Ordering is also a snap. These teeth keep the machine running smooth and keep it from vibrating to pieces while chewing the stump. Thanks for the great product and service. We plan to use Greenteeth® for years to come.”

James Muckleroy, Muckleroy's Tree Service

Jim Peperman

“Big or small - we grind them all! After switching to Greenteeth® I have cut my grinding time by 1/3. Quick change to sharp edge in a matter of seconds. Easy sharpening with a diamond wheel. It doesn't get any better than this. Thank you Greenteeth®! What a great product!”

Jim Peperman - Backyard Stump Grinder